About Alecia

I know a young photographer who has shaped her work around light. Light is something that intrigues and inspires all good photographers, but Alecia meditates on light–how it moves, and changes the surfaces upon which it plays. Her work examines light in its small, measured moments. She is currently working on a series of very interesting pieces that involve multiples of these simple images printed on silk and layered over light boxes, which transform the experience of those moments for the viewer and shift and move with every gentle movement of air that teases their gossamer edges. They are improving and growing with each completed piece, and it is a pleasure to see.

Recently I sat in my room, momentarily mesmerized by the shadows of tree branches as they danced across my window blinds, and I thought of her and her work. This image was made with Alecia in mind; she noticed the photograph on my iPad the other day and mentioned that she liked it. For some reason I did not tell her that I made it for her. This beetle, and today’s moment of silence and gratitude, is for the light that surround us every day…and for Alecia, who shines as bright.




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